Aesthetic Gingival Re-contouring

Get a More Beautiful Smile with Aesthetic Gingival Re-contouring

Esthetic gingival re-contouring is gum reduction surgery that removes excess gum tissue. This is done to treat the effects of periodontal disease or correct a gum condition that in effect makes the appearance of a tooth or multiple teeth seem shorter than they actually are. This is done by cutting back the gums but also may involve the underlying bone.

Aesthetic Gingival Re-contouring #1 in Lakewood, NJ

Based on Dr. Even-Hen's evaluation, he will perform a gingivectomy, which trims away gum tissue around a tooth. However, in certain patients, excess bone growth is causing the condition and he may need to gently remove tissue from under the gum as well. He will make the determination as to how to best treat your condition in order to achieve the desired cosmetic results.

Aesthetic Gingival Re-contouring #2 in Lakewood, NJ

As a periodontist who uses the latest technology in his practice, Dr. Even-Hen in some cases uses a laser in this procedure to sculpt your gum line, which reduces discomfort and healing time.

The end result: you'll love your smile!