Pre-Op/Post-Op Instructions

Pre-Op Instructions

  1. Pre-medication: As indicated by your primary physician or orthopedic surgeon for heart abnormalities, valve replacements, or recent joint replacement.
  2. Blood thinners: Stopping blood thinning medications prior to the appointment as per your physician/cardiologist.
  3. Anxious patients: to discuss any medication or gas that will help the patient through the appointment.

Post-Op Instructions

The band aid fell off, what do I do?
The bandaid placed over the surgical site is an added layer of protection but not absolutely necessary. If any piece of the band aid comes off use the prescribed rinse - Peridex - twice a day until Dr. Even-Hen sees you or tells you otherwise.

What if I get a rash, itchiness, difficulty breathing or any other effect from the medication that was prescribed to me? (not upset stomach)
These are signs of an allergic response and you need to stop taking the medication. Call 911 if you have difficulty breathing but otherwise, call the office and Dr. Even-Hen will prescribe you another medication.

My teeth are starting to stain.
That is a normal and reversible consequence from the Peridex rinse Dr. Even-Hen prescribed. He will be able to polish off the stains during the post-op visit.

I taste food differently.
This is also a consequence of using the Peridex rinse. This effect will cease once you stop using the rinse.

I still feel blood in my mouth. I saw blood on my pillow in the morning; should I be nervous?
Place gauze in the area for five minutes with pressure if there is continued bleeding. A tea bag, placed in the area for five minutes, can also stop the bleeding if it persists. Periodontal surgery can cause bleeding, especially soft tissue graft procedures, but can be controlled with proper management. If it doesn't stop, call the office or Dr. Even-Hen at 908-227-5911.

I have a loose suture in the roof of my mouth; what do I do?
If you can leave it until the post-op appointment then leave it alone. You can very gently cut and remove it but grab onto the knot and pull since you don't want the knot to go through the healing area.