Osseous Surgery

Osseous Surgery to Repair Lost Bone, Promote Gum Health

For patients who are dealing with severe gingivitis and/or periodontal disease, bleeding in the gums or bone loss, periodontal surgery is needed.

Osseous Surgery #1 in Lakewood, NJ

Osseous surgery focuses on treating bleeding gums and bone loss around the teeth due to the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Osseous surgery stabilizes your teeth to give you a better long-term prognosis and more years with your own teeth.

Osseous surgery involves the gum tissue and is focused on reducing the depth of pockets (where bacteria collect) and for controlling infection. It is recommended when the pockets that form around your teeth (due to periodontal disease) become too deep to clean with at-home dental care or by other means at the dentist's office.

The periodontist folds back the gum tissue in order to remove the bacteria and smooth damaged bone. The gum tissue can reattach to healthy bone which is now free from periodontitis, and you'll enjoy a healthier smile. This reduces the need for tooth extractions and prevents further damage to the tissue from occurring.

Bone grafting and regeneration

These procedures are treatments to regrow the lost bone around the teeth. There are several ways to regrow the lost bone using different bone and membrane materials. After a careful examination, Dr. Even-Hen will determine which type of bone graft and membrane to use to provide the best outcome for the lost bone tissue due to periodontal disease.

As a result of the surgery, the expected outcomes is that the gum tissue retracts and better adapts to the teeth causing slightly more space between the teeth. Sensitivity of the treated teeth can also happen but usually subsides over time.

Women and osseous surgery

Post-menopausal women are acutely aware of the risk and hazards of bone loss, which is normally presented as osteopenia or osteoporosis. But these conditions are not limited to backs and hips many women are suffering bone loss around the teeth. Therefore, we advise that post-menopausal women come in for a consultation and periodontal exam.

Pregnant women, who are experiencing hormonal imbalances and fluctuations, may notice their gums are inflamed (bleeding when brushing, for example), which may be a sign of bone loss around the teeth. Dr. Even-Hen can evaluate you and recommend the appropriate course of action, from root planing and scaling to periodontal or osseous surgery.