Ridge/Bone Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

In some cases, it is necessary to do a ridge modification (also called ridge, or bone augmentation) in order to regenerate an area of the jawbone that has shrunk. Correcting this deficit in the upper or lower jaw makes it possible for the periodontist to place your dental implants.

The ridge refers to the alveolar ridge of the jaw, the bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth. Ridge augmentation is done where the tooth is already gone, in preparation for replacing one tooth or several teeth. Ridge augmentation replaces a small amount of bone tissue beneath the gum; the periodontist builds up the ridge with bone or bone substitute, which is then covered with a resorbable or non-resorbable membrane. Sometimes the implant can be placed during a bone augmentation procedure and as new bone grows, it will surround the implant.

Dr. Even-Hen will ensure you are comfortable at all times and advises his patients of the importance of following the recommended schedule of follow-up visits so that he can properly monitor the progress of your healing.